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I'm so stoked you decided to click that link and come on over - and welcome to... vannön Life!


This is a different type of mailing list than what you're used to... not just a "thanks for being here" and then crickets... 🦗 or 🏏 ... ?


anyway... by signing up below you're getting the VIP Access to a whole bunch of behind the scenes content all about how the songs were written, stories on the lyrics, downloads of alternate versions, and live recording sessions while making my first album...


vannön Life – Part 1.

A Bit About Me...

 I’m case – a singer/songwriter originally from Minneapolis, MN but now based in Phoenix, AZ (couldn’t handle that cold anymore… 🥶)


After being in bands for over 10 years, I finally got the itch to go solo - and take one last shot at making music for a living...


So I bought a van, spent a year converting it, got out of my lease, sold almost everything I owned, packed up all my music gear, and traveled the country writing and recording a whole bunch of new music! 

"In the Morning" Live in the desert

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"not another email list..." 🙄

I promise you this one is and will be different than many others you've signed up for in the past!


As soon as you sign up I'll start sending you content all about the songs on my brand new record!


- Stories about how the songs were written and recorded, and inspiration behind lyrics


- Downloads of the studio version of the songs along with alternate versions and Demos


- Videos of the live Recording sessions


And along with that, I want to sweeten to the pot... 😋


so I did just release this brand new record, but I have another following close behind... and once I start releasing the singles to Part 2 of vannön Life – you’ll receive them before anyone else does!


Basically – you’ll have the VIP inside access to all my new material going forward... all by signing up below!


Couple Singles off the New Record

In the Morning


In Saneuh


"Trials" - Live In-Studio Perfomance

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I'm Into It... do you have any other offers available??

I’m so glad you asked! I’d love to send you a free, signed CD if that’s something you’d be into!


I just feel like there’s so much more to music than a Spotify link and sending out a physical package of music is the best – especially at the discounted price of $free-fifty…


…and if you’re feeling generous, you can always donate a little extra!


You just cover the cost of shipping and you’ll have signed, limited edition piece of merch that you can listen to – from my van to your mailbox! 🚐 📬