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Hey! I'm so stoked you got here and appreciate you even making it this far!!


I’m Case and I’m a singer/songwriter currently based out of Phoenix, AZ.  Two years ago I converted a van in Minneapolis, MN and toured across the country writing songs, made some pit stops to record them, and now I’m so excited…


Finally I get the opportunity to release them… TO YOU!


 This is your opportunity to get your FREE, SIGNED, LIMITED EDITION version of my brand new CD...

vannön Life - Part 1


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You’re most likely here because you saw this video above and you were interested in hearing or learning more… well, I figured I’d assist in that by giving you something that could help you do both!


I just printed a CD collection of the first 11 songs I wrote while on the road, that I’ve also autographed, and I would love to send you one of these copies…


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Couple Singles off the New Record...