Hey! I'm so stoked that you decided to support a new artist that you've never heard of before!

I signed 100 copies of a limited release edition of my new record, and this is your opportunity to get yours for FREE!

I’m Case and I’m a singer/songwriter currently based out of Phoenix, AZ.  Two years ago I converted a van in Minneapolis, MN and toured across the country writing songs, made some pit stops to record them, and now I’m so excited to finally release them... to you!


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(yes, even $0)

You’re most likely here because you saw one of my videos and you were interested in finding out more about it…


I love sharing my music with new people and figured I'd try a new way of getting it out there...

In that spirit, I decided to do a printing of 100 free, signed, limited edition CDs of the first 11 songs I wrote while on the road and I would love to send you one of these copies!


...And better yet, you can even have it for $free-fifty if want!


Music is all about connection and I'm so excited for this chance to connect with new people through my music!


...and this is your chance to support a brand new, independent artist in the process!

hopefully see you in your mailbox soon! 🤘