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Demons was actually the first song I wrote while working on other projects that I felt was more in the direction that I’d want to go in, if/when I did a solo venture.  It was more produced, on the electronic side, slower, and had a ballad aspect to it that I didn’t feel fit either band that I had worked in.  


I remember producing it all in like a day or two and showing it to one of my band members after rehearsal that week, and he was pretty blown away and kinda gave me the inspiration to start really working on more solo songs and diving into the production side. 


And that’s what I did –  which in turn got me to the place I was at when fully producing all the songs for this record.

Demo Versions and Previous Mixes

Demo Version - First Point When the Song Started to Come Together! (definitely a rough cut)

Rough Mix - The Mix I Did Before Sending to the Mixing Engineer (Josh Tyrrell)

First Pass Mix - The First Mix I got Back from Josh


Demo Version


Rough Mix


First Pass Mix

Behind the Lyrics

This song was initially called “Lions’ Den” – if you listen closely the electronic voice in the background at the beginning – there is a really robotic synthesized voice saying “in the lion’s den” over and over again. 


The song literally came together for me when that loop got introduced and the first mock words came out – “while I was in the lions’ den, you were waiting on my ending”… 


Listening back, it got me thinking on the biblical story of Daniel in the lions’ den… a story of a man placed in an impossible situation by people that wanted to harm him, and choosing to have faith and conviction that it was going to be okay. 


That story kind of got me on a slight thematic kick – so I used a lot of biblical imagery throughout the song.  Ultimately, I was trying to drive home the point that through all the good and bad – you get the choice – succumb to insurmountable odds or have steadfast belief that everything will work out…


“cause your time is all that’s left of you now…”

Studio Recorded Version


Studio Version


While I was in the lion’s den

You were waiting on my ending

Thought you were gonna be the one

Well I could admit that 

I should omit that


So is this what you do for fun?

Another fallen angel undone

And I was waiting by myself, like

Can I get it back

How can I get you back


So why you got your riot gear?

Well who was it you were defending

When you can’t face the problems here, like

Is it okay

Well are you okay


Tell me where that anger’s from

Show me where the pain it sinks down

Right before my demons come, well

Can I get it back

How can I get you back


Since it seems

Like lately I’m down

And my screams

Well they ain’t making sound

So with the time

Well what’s left of it now

Yea my time 

Is all that’s left of me now


And since it seems

Like lately your down

And your screams

Well they ain’t making sound

So with your time

Well what’s left of it now

Yea your time

Is all that’s left of you now

Secondary Live VIdeo Cut

When we headed outside of Payson, AZ to the Tonto National Forest in mid-February to shoot this music video – we thought it would cold, but not completely snowed out…


The roads we were wanting to take we were completely covered, so we just did some exploring until we found a suitable spot to set up.  It was freezing. 🥶 Like 15 degrees, cutting winds, horrible.  Could only do one take at a time before heading back to the van to warm up...


But we did manage to get some good takes, and so much so – when editing, wasn’t sure which one to use… so figured why not put together both?


Here is that second cut…

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Liner Notes for Demons

Drums – Nate Barnes


Bass – Pablo Arruda


Guitar – Justin Smith and case vannön


Vocals - case vannön 


Co-Production – Devin Malloy


Producer – case vannön


Mixing Engineer – Josh Tyrrell


Mastering – case vannön